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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Legion of Hats: Gimmicks

Legion of Hats needs gimmicks like Stan needs a drink. So here's two:

1. Hats (duh).

Everyone wears a hat, all the time. Including Extras and Villains. Even when it's ridiculous. People get annoyed/embarrassed when their hat falls off/is stolen etc.

This is to lead up to the season finale when everyone will be called out for an emergency, and will be in the bath/shower/bed in hats.

2. Videophone

The very first thing to do for Legion of Hats is to film everyone, in their signature hats, making some generic videophone calls. We'll play this on laptops/the big screen etc. This helps if someone really ought to be in an episode, but we can't get them to turn up for filming. I suggest we get videophone filming right away.

Finally: Random Link.



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