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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Booty Call

Dear The Midnight Beast,

Before I gave up on our amateur sitcom Parker, I came up with an idea called Girly Night, in which several relatively manly characters would have a classic girly sleepover[1]. Until now I still felt that, had I stretched the material to 15 minutes, it would have been my finest work.

Then I saw the video to your song "Booty Call". This is funnier, more interesting and much more scarily transgressive than mine would have ever been, in part thanks to keeping it to three and a half minutes. The world is clearly a better place for me having abandoned Parker. Gentlemen, I salute you

Yours Sincerely,

Neil W.

The Midnight Beast, Booty Call

In case you don't know, a booty call is a phone call to arrange a sexual liaison, usually late at night on an ad hoc, clandestine basis. A phone in the shape of a hamburger is not absolutely required.

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[1] Strangely I never published the work I did on the blog, so here it is:

From Episode 2 (Working Title:Girly Night)

PARKER: ...But the worst thing about men is the way
they act like twats ALL THE TIME.

CHRIS T: Not ALL the time.

PARKER: ...ALL THE TIME! You walk down the street -
they come up to you with the most ridiculous and
obvious chat-up lines. Hang around in a bar - they
try to buy you a drink. Go to work - they ask you
questions about accountancy!

CHRIS T: To be fair, you are an accountant.

STAN: What I hate about men is that they smell. And
loom over you. And always have to be in control.

JIM: Poor things. They don't realise they're getting
more obsolete as every minute goes by. Pass the
Taboo, please Stan.

CHRIS T: Ladies, it's been a pleasure, but I've got a
baby to deliver. [Picks up baby basket and EXITS]

PARKER: ...Hang around on a street corner - they
offer you money for sexual acts...

[Enter CLAIRE and LARA]

PARKER: Back already?

CLAIRE: Yeah... how's your girly-night going?

JIM: Stan's done my hair!

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