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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, it's the anniversary of Parker, which, by a strange quirk of fate is also the anniversary of Parker. Rather than depress anyone with a list of what's been done, instead I'll simply mark this by noting that Kathleen Turner has won another stage award. Perhaps Claire can help us out by contacting her famous relative.

More to come in February (honest).

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Monday, January 08, 2007

At least it can't get worse.

Well, I've come up with an idea where Parker's brain hurts decides to hand over his thinking to other parts of his body. Starting, of course, with his penis.

PARKER: Sorry, I've made my mind up. From now on, my penis is in charge.

[Zoom to PARKER's groin]

PARKER'S PENIS: Right. This Way!

[PARKER is lead by his groin straight to the toilet and a waterfall sound effect comes out for the rest of the scene.]

(Some plot-related banter goes here)

[PARKER reemerges.]

PARKER: That's not working out. From now on, I'm going to use my guts for thinking.

PARKER'S PENIS: Oh! I was just getting started.

PARKER'S GUTS: Too late! I'm in charge now! Come on - to the Kebab shop!

(I think I can now promise that Parker will definitely improve throughout 2007)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Xmas Filming

Jim has filmed some Parker over Christmas!

Now all I have to do is watch it to figure out what to do next. Based on Jim's usual production system I should be able to see the rushes sometime between now and August 2009.