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Monday, October 30, 2006

Peppercorn Rent Notes

Episode 3 will follow up from Episode 2: Parker's Boss, in response to the dinner party fiasco gives him the job of collecting "Peppercorn Rents".

("You're punishing me, aren't you?"
"No, no. I just think you should get out the office more."
"I was out all last week dealing with those lawyers who hadn't paid any tax for 12 years, and the week before I was at Pawn studios, and before that..."
"Okay, okay, I'm punishing you.")

Types of Peppercorn rent include:

Peppercorns (Italian restaurant?)
A single white rose (
A frog
A roast pork dinner (Here we can link this back to the other characters)
A donation of a petticoat to a poor woman

Other possible plotlines for this episode:

Claire snoring (and playing the didgeridoo)
Nomads with a Mule dung generator
In protest at Peter Pan in Scarlet, Lara writes a sequel to Peter Pan called Peter Pants
Claire writes a movie spin-off novel for Pawn studios called The fallopian tube only goes as far as Stockwell
Lara attempts to top Claire's cooking with a truffle hunt

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Alternate endings to Kung Fu Schnee

1. We raise the slapstick stakes by introducing a monkey.

2. Garlic: Clove or Bulb?

3. Parker's Boss offends Schnee with his mockery of Eastern mysticism. Schnee offends Boss with his disdain for counting illusory trash. A stony silence settles. Lara tries to break the silence with a wildly inappropriate joke.

Update: 4. Jermey Clarkson arrives in a Ferrari and releases a herd of pigs to search for truffles. Hilarity Ensues.

[On a non-Parker note, the link includes a Crab and Truffle salad, which will be of particular interest to Stan. A large Truffle source seems to have been found in Berkshire in 2004]

Friday, October 13, 2006

Placeholder post

In case anyone is still reading this, here's what will be coming soon:

Peppercorn rent episode

Peter Pan/Lara centred episode

Lara-as-character issues/knob jokes discussion

Better endings for Kung Fu Schnee episode